Andrea Garcia

Manifest Coach

What is Manifest?

We call manifestation the exact moment in which a desire or idea materializes or becomes reality; which was born through a thought accompanied by a strong emotion. It is then, the precise moment where the “law of assumption” evidences its fulfillment

“If from your consciousness you persist in the emotion of« the assumption »of the result until that emotion becomes dominant, the achievement will be certain”.

– Neville Goddard.

In other words: Neville Goddard’s ‘law of assumption’ says that: “When your inner conviction is greater than the physical appearance of reality, your dream materializes. It is about raising your consciousness to become the person who will be able to achieve the dream you want ”.


Andrea Garcia

Hello to all those little souls looking for information. I am Andrea Garcia, Manifestation Coach.

Like all of you, I, at one point, was in that place, where I needed information and did not know where to get it. I have spent 16 years in this universal laws, having walked for many years with the well-known “law of attraction” – with which I have really obtained results – but, despite having results with the “law of attraction”, None of this compares when in June 2020, I know and deepen the “law of assumption” and since then my life took a 180 degree turn.

Since then, the results and the number of success stories in which I have completely shaped my reality have been many.

So I became a coach, to help other people understand how great their potential is and how incredible this ability is that we all have, to achieve whatever our dreams are: From manifesting a job, a job, money , success, that dream house, the ideal body, until you can manifest specific people (That couple that your heart longs for) Everything. 

And when I talk to you about everything, I mean everything. Everything you wish. I will teach you how to make the entire universe work in your favor.

Today I accumulate a list of more than 500 to 600 satisfied clients, and they each have achieved the results they expected, today they continue to generate results and become the best version of themselves.

Let’s embark on this path of your personal fulfillment together, and may you achieve your happiness, fulfillment and every wish you have had.

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