Andrea Garcia

Hello to all those little souls looking for information. I am Andrea Garcia, Manifestation Coach.

Hello, I am Andrea Garcia and I will tell you how and when my path in the demonstration began.

I have always had a great curiosity to know more than what they taught me and thanks to my aunt who instilled reading in me, I have read from a very young age.

When I was 11 years old, I read my first book: the secret.

– I found it impressive, but something did not fit me, the information was very basic and I simply did not believe it -.

I remember that I used some techniques that were suggested there, but it was in vain since they did not work
– in my opinion of an 11-year-old girl –

An event that impacted me a lot and was very latent in me was when my mother had a very intense headache and I just put my hands on her head and prayed with a lot of faith, after a few seconds she had no more pain.

The same thing happened to me years later with my aunt, she had a very strong pain in the belly, they were about to take her to the clinic, but it was something very instinctive in me that made me stop and go directly to where she was, without thinking about it. I did the same procedure, I put my hands on her belly, prayed with great faith and within seconds the pain had also disappeared. This left me wanting to know even more about what I was capable of doing.

It wasn’t until I knew the law of assumption that my life took a 180 ° turn and I fully understood what being here in this world was all about.

I also wondered what my purpose in life was and what the meaning was, and I had the answer. It took me a lot of practice to get to the point where I am now, but I am a faithful believer that when you want something the entire universe conspires in your favor so that you achieve all your goals, since I understood that we are here to experience the great power that we carry within!

I began to experience the law with very small things (and if you are just starting in the law, I suggest you do the same) from very random things to my house, my car, my ideal relationship, the healing of my daughter (she “broke “The arm, I assumed not in my reality, and obviously the next day it was no longer broken), money, physical changes, and much more.

So far I have been helping more than a thousand people, who have reached their goals and achieved great success in their results (and of course, in my reality everyone wins).

My teachings are based on Neville Goddard with a touch of mine, adapted to my beliefs.

I am too happy to be able to be your guide on this beautiful path, a path that will change your life 100%, so I invite you to follow me on my social networks and put all my teachings into practice, let’s make the impossible possible!